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Episode #123 - The Advantages of MLM

October 14, 2020

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Hi there. Today, I want to talk a bit about what are some of the advantages of being in an MLM.


So you hear a lot about people talking good or bad about MLMs and why people are involved in MLMs and why you shouldn't be involved with MLMs. MLM is multilevel marketing.🗣️👥💲


One of the big advantages is that you get to start your own business. You get to do what you want when you want.


You don't have to adhere to any schedule. You set your own appointments. You set your own deals. You pick your own products. You start from scratch. You do your own marketing. You build your own teams.📋🤝📦👨‍💼


The other big advantage is that you get to work from home


A lot of these MLMs, you don't have to go out and meet people. You can actually work right from home.


Especially, with today's situation, a lot of meetings can be held through virtual meetings using products like Zoom or Google Meet. And so, there's an advantage. Obviously, you have to set up those meetings and you have to keep those meetings. So you don't have total freedom where you don't have to do anything else.👨‍💼🖥️📧📈


If you want to build a business, you have to build a clientele, which means you have to have meetings and you have to propose solutions to these people, and you have to sell them on the product, on the service, on the job, on your downline.


The other advantage of MLM is the commission structure. So the idea is you sell a product, you get a commission, you bring in a team, people that will work for you in your downline. And when they sell a product, you also get a commission. So there are residuals. And in certain products, these residuals… so residual by default means, you sell something once and you get to receive commissions on an ongoing basis. So some MLM products have residual, some you have to keep selling. So make sure if you're looking for residuals that you pick a product where you have residuals.🏗️📦👨‍💼💰


Another big thing is it's very cheap, very inexpensive to start a business with an MLM product. Most MLMs want two, three, or $400 as an initiation fee, which is only fair, for you to take advantage of their products and their systems. And then you only have to pay a minimal amount to maintain that business.📉💲📦


So in my case, I think I paid something like $25 a month just for the right to be able to have access to their business. This is so cheap. Especially if you're looking at acquiring a franchise or going out and starting your own business, whether it's an affiliate business where you've got to spend a ton on marketing and developing, or it's bricks and mortar business where you're going to go out and you've got to find office space. So there are all those extra costs.💰⌛🤝

The other thing is, there are advantages, they've already had the products and they already have the brands. So you don't have to build the product. You don't have to build the brand. Sometimes they're reselling. So you're actually having access to bigger products, big-name products. So those are just some of the advantages of being in an MLM.

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