Millionaire Real Estate Investing with Jim Pellerin

Episode #118 - MLM in Real Estate

October 6, 2020

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Hey, everyone. Welcome to Top Essential Services. Today, I want to talk a bit about how MLM relates to real estate. Certainly, there are quite a bit of common activities and themes that exist if you are a realtor, versus if you are looking at starting an MLM business.💻👥💲


Let’s start with the ownership, the way it's structured internally. First of all, you have a broker and in MLM you have a lead or a top-line business owner, a project manager, or a sponsor. Below the broker, you have all these agents and below this sponsor, you have all these consultants are people that are working for them... that is called the downline. So what happens is there is a common theme associated with the activities that the broker is doing for it is a brokerage and the sponsor is doing for its MLM business?👨‍💼💻💲


There are marketing benefits, there are product benefits, obviously, in the case of real estate it is homes, but it also can be a common area; it is certainly a city the same as with an MLM product. It is definitely a common product and it can be also geographically based if you are selling things that require in place an in-visit activity.📦💲🏘️💰


There is that plus in general, real estate agents make their money through their network. Obviously, network marketing makes its money through networks that they know. The other thing, the structure inside a real estate company is the teams.🏘️💰👥

There are teams that are built. These are individuals that are people that report to the broker, and then they have all people under them working for them. Those have common themes, similarly to MLM, they have teams and these are downline teams.

For example, the sponsor will have a number of people. And one of those people will become a sponsor for its own downline.

 There are a lot of similarities, a lot of commonalities between a real estate brokerage and an MLM operation.

I know there is some time, some bad vibes around what an MLM is as it relates to a business. And so realtors probably wouldn't want to hear this or brokers don't want to hear this, but that's my view. The other thing is some of the services that you are providing… for example, there are some services out there that are essential services. Like some of these MLM companies, like the one I represent. So a phone service, they sell telecommunications products, they sell internet services.  I can provide my clients with gas at a discount and with electricity at a discount.👥💰📞💻

 As a realtor, if you are moving in clients, if you've got people who have just bought houses, you can now provide them with the services and you can actually sell those services directly to them. It’s something to think about. I think as a realtor or as a brokerage, it's a perfect type of business to look at.

You are looking at another stream of income and not only that but you are actually helping your client. If you look at some of these services that are being offered by these companies, they are actually a pretty good deal. It helps you when your client as it provides a better service for your client.👀💲👨‍💼🤝✔️

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