Millionaire Real Estate Investing with Jim Pellerin

Episode #114 - How to Manage your Customer Search

September 30, 2020

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One of the things you want to do when looking for properties is being able to manage your search properly. What I personally do is use some tools to manage my search. The first one is an RSS reader called Innoreader.⚒️🔍📓

What I ultimately do is go out and search all these databases where people list properties.

Because I am looking for properties for motivated sellers, I am looking for the keywords in the posting such as: have moved, need work, motivated sellers. Yes, they will put that in there. From there I will search on different databases such as Craigslist and Kijiji and then create a spreadsheet. It’s a simple spreadsheet.👨‍💼💻📋


I put a little note in there saying I sent this person a request and usually it is a request to say something like … listen, I'm an investor. Would you be interested in selling me your property? What's your current situation? If so, get a hold of me


If those same properties are listed for rent or for sale at the same time, you will know they are pretty motivated


The first thing I do is I'll put the list of properties in a spreadsheet, nothing fancy. And then I just track it that way. The reason I do that is a lot of those places will repost their properties for sales. I don't want to contact the same person day in, day out, right. Once I've contacted them once I don't bother them again, even though they may delete and repost in those ways, I can do that to make sure a simple check to see if it's the same listing of the same property. What I do is track all of those in a spreadsheet.📋🏘️⏳


I've had a list of 2000 homes in that spreadsheet at one point. When somebody replies to me, I'm engaged. Then I’ll add those people to a CRM, a customer relationship management system. I use HubSpot CRM to do that because it's free. Now I have an entry in there. I do a bunch of follow-ups with that person.🏘️👨‍💼📋

 I do an assessment and I track everything within that CRM.

I then know what the conversation is going to be because usually at any one point I've got probably 10 to 15 properties or 10 to 15 property owners that I'm talking to

I want to be able to keep track of what I'm doing with them inside the CRM.

You can also put task lists to notify or to do a follow-up. For example, this morning, I've got four people to follow up with on a specific search on doing. It allows you to manage your activities fairly well. Now some people can do this on a desk or on a piece of paper and that's fine if that is what you want to do, but I'm just telling you the nice automated way in which you can manage your search for the properties.📋👨‍💼🏘️

Again, when looking for properties, you are always looking for motivation.

So there are different things you can do there. Some CRMs have phone integration, so you can actually dial directly from your computer if you've activated the phone integration. It’s neat. Technology can really be your friend on these searches.📋📞⌨️🔍

As mentioned, it's as simple as a simple spreadsheet moving to a CRM and then you can actually automate some of the follow-ups for people that don't buy. You can put them on an email blast through an autoresponder. Those are different ways in which you can manage your search and you want to make sure you manage your search. Cause it will get out of hand if you have a lot of properties that you are looking at.📋📧🔍🏘️

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